Waycross Discovery Montessori School
Superior Education serving ages 2 1/2 thru 6 years old.

serving ages 2 1/2 thru 3rd grade

SUMMER CAMP 2016 @ WAYCROSS Discovery Montessori School 
Open to current students and

Montessori Testimonials


Michaela Morris

Simmons College ‘18

Duxbury, MA

I attended Bay Farm Montessori Academy (Duxbury, MA) from the age of two to twelve, and continued my middle school education at Inly Montessori (Scituate, MA). I completed my secondary education at Duxbury High School.

What really stood out in my experience at the Montessori schools was the emphasis on a caring community and the encouragement to learn through hands on experiences. I gained strong interpersonal relationships between peers as well as teachers, which taught me the value of respecting everyone regardless of age, gender, race, and religion. I addressed my teachers by their first name, which made our relationship more personal and natural. My teachers had authority, but I was taught that teaching and learning was a collaboration; requiring effort from both of us. Small familiar groups offered one-on-one attention at an individualized pace (which was beneficial for a student who struggles with ADHD). Montessori provided a variety of teaching tools that met diverse learning styles. Teamwork and experiential learning was more applicable to real life. This experience developed my love for learning and strengthened my relationship with my teachers.

Bay Farm and Inly created the foundation for my transition to a more traditionally structured public high school and I am forever grateful.